Closing tab behaviour

How is it happening now when I close a tab? I thought it used to jump to the tab to the left of it after closing tab but now it’s seemingly random. It made more sense when it would jump to the left.

It will try to switch to the previous open tab.

back in Version 2.3.1 (896) now it’s always jumping to the font tab

Can’t reproduce it. Works fine for me. It activated the tab that was active just before the currently active tab.

Right, so if I open a file, the first thing it opens is the font tab, so therefore when I try to go to the last tab and close tabs, it always jumps to the font tab?

Wouldn’t it makes more sense to follow typical tab browsing behaviour which is to go left of the closed tab when it’s the last tab, and go right of the closed tab when it’s between two tabs.? (anyway I made a Close All Tabs script :grin:)