“cmap” of Adobe-Identity-0 does not have U+0200

I tried ROS of CID-keyed on Glyphs 1.4.
The value of ROS as follows.

Adobe-Identity-0 -> “Adobe,Identity,0”
Space is not inputted. If space is added, Glyphs.app exports Name-keyed.

Adobe-Japan1-6 -> “Adobe, Japan1, 6”
Space is added. If space is not inputted, Glyphs.app exports Adobe-Identity-0.

The result became such.
Adobe-Identity-0: U+0020 (space) is not in cmap of the font.
Adobe-Japan1-6: U+0020 was in cmap satisfactorily.


I’m not 100 % sure but I think I fixed that, too.

Thank you. I appreciate it!