Cmd+x should cut/break the path!

I still find it weird, that, while drawing in edit view, cmd+x doesn’t cut (break) the path/path-segment to clipboard, as it does in RF and FL. In glyphs, cmd+x behaves like backspace… it’d be really convenient, to have the RF/FL behavior!

Couldn’t this be implemented?


I totally agree with Avenir on this issue.
And while I’m at it: When I press space I can see the filled outlines, but I can’t modify the pathing. It would be much more convenient to also be able to make adjustments while holding down the spacebar.
Thank you :smile:

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there is a reporter plugin that shows filled outlines:

and what about the cmd+x thing?

I would love this feature as well!

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+1 for the cmd-x thing.

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same here, this would be useful

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Any update on this? @GeorgSeifert

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I’m working on it.


Thank you, that is great news!

I need this feature as well!

As a compensation to this request I have suggested previously one additional command on “right Click” menu list which is {SPLIT NODES} instead of switching to pen tool and precisely clicking each node to disconnect from the path.

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You know that you can break a path by opt+del some nodes?

No no… this eliminates the selected segment totally… I seek a similar function to Adobe Illustrator “Split points” …
It breaks all selected nodes and keep the paths split off those points. thereafter if you wish you  "C"or  “X” specific paths/segments for other use.
In cases of many nodes it simply saves one by one pen tool click on each node to break it!!

I know that it behaves differently. Otherwise the cmd+X implementation would have been easy ;). But it can be useful, nevertheless.

Isn’t that what clicking on an existing node with the pen tool does?

That’s what we’ve been doing so far!..
Though sometimes with the pen tool you don’t precisely click on the node, so it adds one more node to the hit path. The sought behavior of Command Cut function in this thread is literally expected to CUT a segment, a path or number of selected paths;
Hence Splitting/Breaking selected nodes command may also be useful within one click splitting and altering several paths together (for example: utilizing the scaling box ) while the other paths are retained untouched…
Another benefit, it saves repetitive {Reconnect Nodes} operation in many cases you need to fix paths for interpolations.

When you cut an open path entirely, starting node remains in the edit view (the copied outline is perfectly fine though).


Yes. Some leftovers that are not necessary. Usually a node or two.