Color Diacritica

I’m trying to develop colored diacritics but when I add Custom Parameter Master Color when i click on the value it doesn’t offer me a palette; just blue.
Please help!

Colored diacritics? Can you explain what that is and how you plan to implement it? And what does the master color have to do with it?

In the tutorial named ‘Mark to base positioning’ (
it says “Since we use two different glyphs, we can even give the accent a different color:” and shows a blue circumflex accent above a black ‘n’.
I would like to color some of the diacritics that I’m creating.

My search to find out how I might achieve this took me to the tutorial named Creating a Layered Color Font
Here it gives instructions as to how to color so i followed the instructions exactly to create a master color but was unable to access the color palette.

Id appreciate it if you could help with coloring the diacritics and also to access the color palette.


The one thing has nothing to do with the other. If you want colored diacritics, you need to color them in the app you are using. The screenshot you saw is from InDesign.

I got it. Thanks!