Color glyphs making/editing problems

Hallo Glyphs community,
I am newbie in using your great piece of sowtvare,
I have following problems. I want customize Apple Color Emoji ttf, or make own. When I add glyph I cant move it to another category like symbols. It stays in others. When I want export .glyphs to font, my change disappeared. My customised glyph is replaced back by origin. The origin glyphs by apple are somehow locked, I can only delete it and replace. Have I to lock somehow the my glyph to store it?
Thank you


Glyph does not support the color tables. So you could only edit the black and white part.

Did you change the family name? Otherwise it would conflict with the original.

And “add image” to the glyph funcionality is not the same? I would like to make emoji font, from icon images. I added image to the glyph, removed apple glyph and assing to new glyph unicode name of the origin.
In Unicode Checker and tab of glyph remained the origin image icon.
After saving the origin glyph is back.

Add Image is there for scans or a template, not for images to be exported into a font. (Except for a so-called Photofont, but this is most likely no option for you.)

There is no standard for color fonts yet. The implementations in the wild are very different and have very limited scopes, i.e. work only in certain OS/app environments. Glyphs will support the Microsoft method at one point. And even that only works in IE10/Win8.1.

And is there any software to make colour emoji font like origin apple emoji font? I need it, must be some solution, I am developing iOS app, no problem with limited support to others devices.

Not yet.