Color layer panel crashes/bugs

While working on a color font, I’ve run into a few issues in the color layer panel:

  • Glyphs crashes when selecting another color layer while the color-dropdown (in the panel) is open.
  • Drag and dropping the layer order makes the fallback glyph disappear. This happens in all masters (also non-color versions).

Another note: In Glyphs 2 it was possible to rename your color layer manually by double-clicking, is that option removed now? (I found it usable for creating alternative/past versions)

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I fixed that. Please update to the latest cutting edge version.

You can’t rename them any more. The layer type and extra info is not handled by the name, but by a dedicated data structure.

I saw the update pop up, thanks!

I guess the different approach to the colors is also the reason I couldn’t open it in Glyphs 2?

If you set the file format to ‘Glyphs 2’ in font info > other, you should be able to open it (if it lets you save in that format). If you saved in G2 format and it doesn’t open there, can you send me the file?

Yeah, I gave it a go but got this error. I’ll send you the file.

Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 15.24.21