Color tag and change filter show Spinning Wait Cursor

I use Glyphs 3, version 3.1 (3133) do a SourceHanSansSC project.
The target is to make some tags use the "GutenTag"Plug-in.
When I give some glyphs a color ,or I change the filter it will show me Spinning Wait Cursor about ten or more seconds, That make me crazy.
And I try to remove the "GutenTag"Plug-in, it’s no change but Spinning Wait Cursor .
I also save as glyphspackage file, It’s the same result.
My iMac version:macOS Monterey 12.1
I change to my MacbookPro:macOS Monterey 12.6
It’s the same Spinning Wait Cursor.
I send this Giyphs file to my friend, nobady shows Spinning Wait Cursor.
Please help~
I can not send the file from attachment cause I am a newcomer.

Do you have many filters in the sidebar of the font view. Can you send me the .glyphs and the custom filters files and the exact description what you are doing?

As you see the screenshoot, I creat four filters: “顶部树枝”、“上乀”、“上丶”、“上丿”。The filter of “顶部树枝” has 8130 glyphs.
There are two ways it will show me Spinning Wait Cursor:

  1. When I click the filters “上乀” or “上丶” or “上丿”,and then click the filter “顶部树枝”, it will happen.
    2.When I wait “顶部树枝” show all the glyphs, I choose 1 or 2 or some of them, right click the mouse, give them a color, it will happen.

I send the .glyphs file by email,Please check.

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