Color Variable Font Issues

Hi there,

I was trying to use my Color Variable Font, but it was one-color in Figma/Adobe Apps. Then I read your guide (Option B, choice 1: converting CPAL/COLR), and it’s working, but incorrect.

Below you can find a screenshot with four numbers, but all two layers exists. I also made a screenshot of my Export Instance. How can I fix it?


You need to export with a COLR table. SVG is not variable.

And not sure what is what is wrong. Need more info: A screenshot how you set up the layers, and how it is supposed to look.

Active “Export COLR Table” giving me incorrect result. Both of Masters showing and variable axis is just adjusting width of the letters.

I recorded the perfect way of interpolation/just working (via Dinamo FontGauntlet) and there’s also a screenshot of layers.



How do you get the font into FontGauntlet? So you have a way to export it correctly?

The way that works for Font Gauntlet does not work for graphic editors. For FontGauntlet, it was enough just to export a variable font without any custom parameters. At the same time, in Figma or Adobe applications, this font was displayed with only one changeable color (and not several fixed ones, as it should have been).

Then thos apps don’t support variable COLR fonts? Can you send me that font that I can check it?

Which Apps can run Variable COLR fonts? Or is it web-only feature now? I thought that there’s no problem…

ExportCOLRTable.ttf (2.4 KB)
NOTSignalizerVF.ttf (2.4 KB)

Here’s 2 files (glyph “3” is the only active): 1st one for “Export COLR Table” (active), and the 2nd is just simple export.


Adobe apps do not support COLR/CPAL.

Is there any graphic editing apps where designers can use variable COLR/CPAL fonts?

So I found two ways to use this type of fonts: DrawBot and FontGauntlet. Could you please tell me if there’s any other ways. Maybe more easier and something that support transparent background?


What do you mean by transparent background?

I want to use this typeface somewhere. And I do not need a background of exporting file (like FontGauntlet/DrawBot have). It will be perfect to use it in Adobe/Figma, but color interpolation is not working in those apps. So my question is about comfort using of this type of typefaces.

Now, to make a video, I have to write and record something from FontGauntlet and delete a background using Keylight effect in Adobe AE.