Colored Preview

Is there a way to change the colours of the background and the font itself in the preview window via python? So that I can have a fancy Preview within Glyphs?

If you want to do it in Python, you can create your own preview window. Take a peek into Toshi’s waterfall plug-in.

There is a user default setting that controls the background of the preview view and panel.

Why do you need to change it from a script?

I don’t know. I want to see the text in different colours. Maybe its a designers spleen (Designermacke). But for me its really useful to see how the type looks other than black and white. I didn’t know you could change the Background color via the settings – thats 50% of my request :slight_smile: – where can I change the color of the type?

sadly I’m absolutely not into coding :frowning:

You can add a Master Color parameter.

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Why not set up an InDesign or Illustrator files with a test text in different color combos? Makes more sense, I guess, especially in combination with the Adobe Fonts folder.

yeah, Im lazy and I want to stay in glyphs. The MasterColor in combination with the Background color change via Settings does it for me. :slight_smile:

Would it be hard to give us the option for background- and typecolor-change and a default setting (white & black) somewhere in the right palette? ----> 3.0


Thanks to you both

:slight_smile: :+1:

that would be a perfect project to start with python :wink:

yes :crazy_face: