Colorfonts SVG-OT

We are trying to export a two-colored / layered font (two masters Thin + Stencil) into a colored SVG-OT format so we can use it in Adobe PS / Ind / Ai.
We are using Version 2.5.1 (1141).
Can you help us with this? The only output is two different OT files (in black and white).
Are we missing a checkbox or anything?
Enclosed some screenshot to make things more clear…
Thanks in advance,

Screenshot 02

You do not have color layers, you have two different masters, it seems. The setup you have is the one for a so-called layered font, but you want a CPAL/COLR font, and then you can use the parameter.

My advice: use the script Masters > Color > Convert Layerfont… in my repo, and proceed from there. Follow ‘Option B’ in the SVG Color Font tutorial.