Colour font imported from fontself

I’ve been using fontself to create and export colour svg fonts from illustrator, but would like to open them in Glyphs to apply more complex kerning and kerning pairs. However, when I open them, it has two layers Script green and SVG. The script Green contains the black version, but the SVG layer appears blank.

I’m assuming the script green layer should have the SVG in full colour and the SVG should have the outline as backup.

Any help would be much appreciated. p.s. in the preview window I can see the colour layer but it seems to have lost its position and is almost off the screen

Many thanks

Can you send me the .ttf file from fontself?

colour (583.6 KB)
This contains the original font exported from fontself, and the file when I open that in Glyphs.

Any updates?

Did you get the files?

I got the file but was too busy to have a look. I finished a big task today so that I hopefully will get to it soon.

Thanks so much, I know you must be really busy, so much appreciated, no big hurry.

I fixed it.

Amazing, how do I update my glyphs, just get the latest version?

This will be in the next update (3.2).

Can you give me a rough idea when that is released?

Cheers and thanks for looking into the problem.


That will take some time. Hopefully a first beta version in next weeks.