Colour font question

I was recently asked to quote for a colour emoji font for a mobile app, and wondered where I can find out more about the ways fonts have to be engineered for different platforms. I found the Glyphs app tutorials on colour fonts a great starting point, but there are systems other than MS and Apple and it’d be useful to know how fonts should be built for those. (More from curiosity, I think the client’s project might be better solved using standalone svg files than trying to engineer colour fonts for different platforms.)

I wonder, is it possible for a single font to contain CPAL and COLR tables as well as an sbix table? Would it fall back to the default layer in unsupported environments? Has anyone tried this before?

Possible. But I haven’t tried and tested it myself yet. In your case, it would make sense to have different fonts because the environment is predictable.

And webkit doesn’t support color fonts loaded as webfonts. Only if installed in the system. That might limit the usefulness.

Hi. I just created such a font. On Mac, it appears in Color thanks to the PNGs. On Win7, it falls back to the b&w version of the font. No color on Win8 or Win10 even though COLR/CPAL should be included…

Last time I checked, the COLR/CPAL fonts worked fine. Maybe there is some other problem?

Where are you testing it?

On a Windows 10. I would like to upload the font, but I am not allowed to…

Put it in dropbox and post a link.

I cannot use Dropbox at work. Access denied. I tried to put on my google drive via my iPhone. Try out

The preview doesn’t show the colors, but if you try the letter ‘a’ or ‘d’ for example, you should see colored symbols.

Could anyone reproduce my issue?

Excellent. No idea, why it doesn’t work on my Win10 at the Office. Which version are you using? Mine is hardened by IT. Do you see the colors in the Windows font viewer? We also have only Office 2013 :confused:

It works for me in win10