Coloured glyphs?

Hi All,

Sorry this is a complete newbie question. We work on a large document of event listings, each event has a series of icons which you can reference in a key at the front of the document. Currently we copy and paste the icons from one document into the main document under each event. This is pretty time consuming and I was hoping I could create a font where the characters 1-10 where replaced by the icons. So we could simply press the character for the particular icon and hey presto its put in.

Only problem is the icons contain 2 colours, an outer border which is one colour and in the inner icon which is another colour. I tried pasting the icon design from illustrator into Glyphs but it immediately made it black, Im guessing I can’t just paste in a colour illustrator icon design?

In what app do you to that. Some do support color fonts that you an do in Glyphs.

This should get you started: