Combining accents are not combining

Hey there!

I created all the combining accents, placed the anchors and also added the legacy accents. Yet for example circumflex n or circumflex g are not combining in InDesign, circumflex j does.
I’ve read through the old Tutorial (Mark to base positioning) on how to do it before Glyphs started to do it automatically and by looking at all the things I need to do, I do like the introduction better: Glyphs makes it automatically now. “So you do not need to fiddle around with feature code anymore.”

I’m running the latest cutting edge version of Glpyhs and testing the fonts in InDesign CC.
What am I missing? What else am I supposed to do to make it work?

Thanks for the help!

Once they check the forums, the developers here will have your answer in no time. In the mean time, do you have a glyphs file you can share? May be able to take a look at the problem for you.

This is a problem of your input method. Your keyboard layout supports neither
a. gcircumflex, nor
b. combining accents.

What you want is probably to type combining accents. How to do this is explained in the Diacritics tutorial.