Combining accents resources

Georg and Rainer: what did you use as reference for the combining accents in Glyphs 2? This is not a well-documented subject, so I’d like to refer to whatever you used when designing this functionality.

Not sure what you mean. Combing accents work pretty much the same as in Glyphs 1.

Sorry, I wasn’t specific enough. I’m asking about the design of the letters, not the software implementation. I assume that you used one or more texts to determine what accents go where.

I still don’t understand. Can you give a specific example?

I’m trying to find out what books you used to determine what letters need combining accents and where the marks go. Something like for combining marks. There doesn’t seem to be much written on this topic, at least not in English.

You mean the overlay accents? That was my decision to have them in ø, ł, hbar, tbar and dcroat.

If I understand correctly, James is asking how Glyphs knows how to build composites from bases and combining accents. The GlyphData XML file contains all the information for placing marks on the top, bottom or other anchors. The exact position of the anchors is up to the designer.

The information is from several sources (e.g. Unicode data, and a lot manual corrections.