Combining Accents sorting

G2.5b [1072] – Previously .case comb accents were in their own grouping after the lowercase counterparts. Now they are mixed in. Was this an intentional change?

What is your setting for Keep Alternates Next to Base Glyph?

I have always had that turned on, but the .case accents have always been grouped together after the lowercase. This is entirely new behavior.

I just tested it in [1064] and after Updating Glyphs Info they grouped as before. Doing the same test in [1072] they stay mixed in.

That is right, the option now works more universally than it used to do.

Honestly, I wish the accents had been left as they were. Mixing them together is going to add the possibility of overlooking an error when the .case accents vary from the lowercase. Maybe that can be overcome by sorting them in my custom xml data file.

::edit:: Adding the .case entries to my custom data file works just fine so I can group them as before.

What did you change in your custom glyphData?

Before the Keep Alternates Next to Base Glyph parameter did only apply to letters. Someone complained that it wold not work for symbols and so I changed it to work for all.
Two options:

  • You toggle your setting once in a while to see the different arrangement.
  • I change it to not apply to Marks (and Numbers??).

Re: glyphData changes:
As a test I duplicated the acutecomb entry as, removed the Unicode value and the altNames field. Added a Production name as Changed the sortName field to put it in the order I wanted within the rest of my custom accent entries. I haven’t done the rest of them yet.

Re: Keep Alternates change:
The only one I would not have changed is Marks; they were easy to work with. The Numbers are fine as they are.

It can make sense to toggle for marks just as well. I wonder whether the toggle should be easier to access.

I agree that the toggle could be easier to access.

As for any changes to the way Georg has it now, they should be done with what’s best for all users in mind. Just because I prefer it the old way doesn’t mean that is best for everyone. I can edit my glyphData file to control the sort order so I’m OK with that.

::edit:: After updating my glyphData for all the Marks in my character set, I believe that the change Georg has already made to the sorting order for Marks should not be changed back to the old way.

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