Combining marks resource

I am trying to figure out which marks goes with which glyph. I am looking through the Glyph Info panel but there is point where I can only take a wild guess without having the right references. For exemple what marks would I use for the ‘Tbar’ or the ‘Lslash’ ?


You could use a macron or hyphen for the Tbar but the slash in Lslash has to be drawn.

oh ok, I got it, there’s a column with the components listed

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Yes, you have to expand the window a little.

Horizontal bars (as in Đ or Ħ) are called stroke, diagonal ones (as in Ł and Ø) go by slash. Then there are short ones, meaning crossing one stem (ŧ,ħ,đ), and long ones crossing two stems (ø,Ħ). Put that together, you get:


… with and without .case.

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