Combining OTF files (CJK characters)

Hello all! I am a new user to Glyphs mini, I am working on some Japanese Kanji Characters in graphic form for my personal use. Now I have a few OTF files and I wish to combine them into a same font sheet (different file has different characters), is there a way to do it?

I am not sure if Glyphs Mini has such feature, if not, how should I do this on Glyphs?

Thank you so much in advance!

Simply try. Glyphs will create duplicates, e.g. he-hiragana and he-hiragana.001. It should be easy to find the duplicates by searching for .00 in the search box in the bottom right.

Thank you mekkablue! Does it mean that I can remove all the duplicates after getting all fonts together? Sorry for being a moron but I feel like lost in translation on a new software…

Yes, it means just that.