Commaaccent component renamed commaaccentcomb when exporting to UFO

When I set up my font I used the character commaaccent for letters like Rcommaaccent. This works in Glyphs without problem. But if I export from a .glyphs file to a UFO, the component commaaccent is renamed to commaaccentcomb, which does not exist in this font.

This occurred in 1.3.7 from the app store.

This only occurs when the “Don’t use nice names” is set. I fixed this.

Where is “Don’t use nice names”? Is that what happens if I uncheck “Save for use in Fontlab?”

No, in font info > other settings.

And if you really need to move to FontLab, use the new import macro that you can find in github. Otherwise, if you need to move to Superpolator or Robo something, do not use this option as it disturbed you kerning.

I just noticed this issue

On export, be it to UFO or to OpenType, all names are converted to compatible names. This is necessary as some glyph names are not allowed in font at all and others are work better if confirming to standards. If you disable the “Use Production glyph names” in the export settings, glyphs will not change the names. The option to not use nice names in the font info is there to prevent Glyphs from changing names to nice names while editing the font.

About the commaaccent/commaaccentcomb (and a hole bunch of other accents). There are two different kinds of accents defined in Unicode. Some are called Spacing Marks. They are in the ANSI range. And some are called Combining or None Spacing. They are in the Range 0x0300++ They usually have a “comb” suffix to distinguish them from the first group. I removed the “comb” to get better readable names but have to put in back in final fonts.

Thanks for the description. Just wanted to make sure it was intentional since I noticed the rename and the forum post. And, it is.

I hadn’t yet gone down the road of looking at the details of using Combining/Non-spacing Marks with a monospaced font (one of my current projects). Perhaps I shouldn’t post late at night and before I’ve fully looked into the details.