Command up & down changed?

I noticed in the latest beta that command + up/down now switches masters, which is really annoying as it disabled moving stuff by 100 units (command + left/right still works like before). Is this intentional?

Strange, must be a mistake. In Edit > Other, these shortcuts have been set:

Temporary workaround: Set a different shortcut for Previous Master and Next Master in System Preferences. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks. I was wondering if somebody requested these shortcuts as if command + 1, 2, 3… weren’t convenient enough.

I was visiting a type designer in Berlin that has files with 32 masters. There the cmd+x shortcuts don’t work.

I always use cmd+shift+arrows for 100 units movements so the conflict was not apparent.

Switching through the masters is a welcome feature though. How about sth like cmd + shift + +/- ? The plus/minus keys are close to the keys on the numpad (if used). Seems easy to remember and grab. Just brainstorming :slight_smile:

Thanks Lucas!
So what is the exact name of the menu command to change it back?

You need to set new app shortcuts for Glyphs in System Prefs > Keyboard > Shortcuts, for Previous Master and Next Master

Plus sometimes requires shift or vice versa depending on the keyboard layout, so I’m not a big fan. In Japanese keyboard, plus is in shift position of semicolon (i.e. I need to type command+shift+semicolon to zoom in, and that doubles as command+shift+plus).

How about others like command+fn+arrows?

It also disabled “open selected glyphs” in glyph view.

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What about cmd+opt+up/down to switch masters?

Ctrl-Opt-Cmd + up/down arrows?

In case you’re still in Edit mode, you would see the measurements coming up, which could be super helpful to quickly compare distances between masters.

And subconsciously, the biggest possible change in Edit view would correlate with the most modifier keys.

How about just using Cmd+Shift+Up to nudge by 100?

The funny thing is, I have always used it like that, didn’t even know that Cmd+Up worked as well. To me, it makes sense: Shift+cursor is a modification of cursor, Cmd+Shift+cursor is the next-level modification.

Georg, where do I find my 6 sliders now? :slight_smile: (one for each axis)

Just saw that Cmd-(Shift-)arrows for a menu command has an influence on text field editing, e.g. in Font Info > Features or the Macro window.

Cmd-up/down moves the cursor to the beginning or end of the text field, adding shift selects the text on the way.

It’s not the official shortcut and I use it the official way, so I disagree with the change. Also it doesn’t solve the problem in glyph view, where the shortcut in question opens selected glyphs just like Finder opens selected files, which I think should remain.

Or maybe there could be a dedicated master selection UI, in which you can cycle through masters just using arrow keys or mouse and you of course have shortcut for it.

This has to be changed back!
How else can I open selected glyphs now?!
I use that very often. @Tosche already mentioned it.

What about View > New Tab (Cmd-T)?

Äh, ja … thanks.
(So, do what you want with CMD-↓ …)

what about ctrl+up/down for the master switch?

Fine by me, but I’m a bit worried that it’s close to command+ or option+ up/down but does totally different thing, that it’ll be frustrating when you type them by accident (and I suspect it’ll happen more often than one would think). So I think the shortcut needs to be a little more intentional, also because we are trying to solve rare cases where you have more than nine masters.

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I agree with Tosche. What about adding it to the menu but not setting a default shortcut? In the rare cases where it is needed, the user can set his/her own. Most users are fine with cmd-1/2/3…