Command up & down changed?


Will that allow to set the Cmd+cursor keys? ’Cause I like it as it is. (Not sure whether cursor key shortcuts are possible from the system preferences).

I thought about this a bit more. I’ll change the shortcut to Fn+up/down (or on a extended keyboard two of the keys above the arrow key block). So left/right is switching glyphs and up/down switches masters.

All other behaviour will be as before.


Now that I use ⇞ and ⇟ in version 965, I am seeing some strange animation every time, as if Glyphs was scrolling to the active glyph. This is very confusing. Can this be fixed? I’d like ⇞ and ⇟ to behave just like Cmd+arrow in Glyphs 964 (or like Cmd+1 etc), without that scrolling effect.


I only changed the keyboard shortcut in the menu, nothing else.

I definitely see this strange scolling effect, both on my iMac and my MacBook. Only with ⇞ and ⇟, not when I use Cmd+1 etc.

This is strange. Just found out that I am not getting the strange scolling effect if I literally use the menu command. Also, after setting a new keyuboard shortcut in the system preferences, it also does not show the scrolling effect. So, I am happy now but it is strange that ⇞ and ⇟ lead to that odd behaviour but not other keyboard shortcuts.

I get what’s happening. The buttons are scroll buttons. I needed to disable that default functionality, then.

Thanks for implementing a shortcut, this is very useful! Is it on purpose that the keys kind of trigger the masters in reversed order (of the expectation arrow up returns the next master above (or to the right in the UI Master Selection)). I know that it’s resembling the order in the Font Info, but it still feels reversed to me.

I’d expect down to go to the next master, just like how it is listed in the layer panel.

In the Font View, I’ve used Page-Up (Fn-Up/⇞) and Page-Down (Fn-Down/⇟) to scroll. Now, I will have to switch to only using the trackpad or scrollbar. Are you concerned about others who used to those general system defaults for page up/down being confused upon attempting to do so?

P.S. I think I asked for Alt + arrow up/down to switch masters, as that’s what we’ve used the last decade in that multi-platform app.

In what context? I don’t remember that. Besides alt+up/down is already taken for much more deeply integrated function.

Same here. I use Page Up and Down in Font View and also in the Macro Panel. Now it just switches masters so it’s pretty annoying. I can understand the use in Font View, but if I’m in the Macro Panel and I want to move up and down I wouldn’t expect it to switch masters.

While fn+up/down is indeed convenient, I agree there’re too many overlapping functions with that command. How about command+fn+left/right? If you want to change glyphs, it’s fn+left/right, and if you want to change masters, you add command. It also makes sense to use left/right; moving up or down in layer panel is not changing masters, so left/right (as shown as master icons at top left) feels better related to me.

fn+up/down = Page up/down
fn+left/right = Home/End, in a way also an overlapping function.

My 2 cents: The scenario of more than 9 masters is very rare. So it can be a more esoteric keyboard shortcut as well, with many modifiers and some weird keys, something along the line of Shift-Opt-Cmd-; and Shift-Opt-Cmd-: or the like.

I think the shortcut itself is even a good thing for less than 9 masters. Especially when being in workflows where you do systematical changes to all masters. Already with 4 or 5 masters its nicer to cycle through them with one shortcut, do some stuff and get to the next one. Instead of changing the shortcut each time (e.g. cmd+1, then cmd+2, then cmd+3, etc). Also just my 2 cents.

I’ll try Lucs suggestion.

FL’s Alt-Arrows? Isn’t that taken for editing already? Or do you mean Alt-Fn-up/down = Alt-PageUp/PageDown.

Right. Alt-Fn-up/down = Alt-PageUp/PageDown then.