Commit Glyphs how-to

Hey there everyone!

I’m just learning git and knowing its possibilities while working in a team. In this way, I can understand that Commit Glyphs works with a folder set as a git repo but I don’t know exactly how a workflow should go. Anyone could help me in this issue? Maybe just a little example.



Hi @Ricard_Garcia Ricard_Garcia

Let me jump in with you! :slight_smile: I too have questions!
I was tried using SourceTree to keep versions of one of my typeface projects.
It mostly worked but I had some problems with reversing commits where the data didn’t know where to go and some glyphs got messed up.
I’d like to hear more on this issue.

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  1. Cmd-O and open a git-repository that contains .glyphs files.
  2. Pick one of the .glyphs files in the window.
  3. Browse through the differences between local and remote .glyphs file. (Note: If there are no differences, none will be displayed.)
  4. Select a diff, push button for using right or left side. Repeat for similar changes.
  5. Write a commit message into the top of the window, describing the changes you collected in step 4, press Commit.
  6. Repeat 4 & 5 for other (kinds of) changes.

Wish somebody could do a workshop on Git for type designers, starting from the very basics (what does ‘push’ mean? where should I put my repo? Why would I want to ‘fork’ or ‘clone’ something?) It’s so easy to get in a muddle.

EDIT: Also, what are the differences between Git clients, and which is best for type design? How to set up and manage projects where several people want to collaborate?

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As @mekkablue recently replied when we were talking about this, I think, a properly written tutorial would be great (maybe even instead of a workshop). I would offer my help, if this can still wait a little (like late mid 2018) …


Ha, yes. It would need to be a really well-written tutorial. I don’t normally find tutorials a good way to learn, I’d rather try stuff out and have someone tell me what I’m doing wrong and answer specific questions as I go. A tutorial doesn’t usually allow those. But people have different learning styles so maybe most other people would find a written tutorial perfect.

Using Git by Frank Grießhammer might be worth checking out (even though it is missing Gitlab as a remote option).

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That would be a great idea. Even it would be nice to have a workshop, I think a tutorial in Glyphs’ web would be very useful. At least in order to know the the basic syntax and actions.

Uah! Thanks @arialcrime. I’ll read it. It looks like it’s one of the tutorials I’ve been looking for.

Hi Rainer!

I’m trying to learn how to use it through a test project by myself. The only point I don’t get quite well is 4. How do you decide if you want to use right or left side? Find attached a screenshot of my interface to see there’s no chance to select the old design (right). I’m probably missing something.

Thanks a lot.

I think you need to check one or more of those checkboxes to tell the app which change you want to be used. then there was some “use left/right” option. Just from the top of my head.

I am having problems in selecting the changes, perhaps I am doing something wrong?
When I select the file I get the following error:

Error while reading the document: /Users/renno/Documents/Git/CantoNext/Post Canto 1.glyphs 
(-[GSPathSegment intersectionPoints:unlimited:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7f9580f5db60)