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Hey there!

I’m posting this because I’m currently in a project using Commit Glyphs and I thought about a thing that would be interesting to implement in the next version of this application.

The point is that, sometimes, when you are working on a Glyphs file you are changing a lot of characters and, when you go back to Commit Glyphs it returns a bunch (list) of glyphs with changes. So far so good but, since I would like to group them in commit messages and maybe one of these messages involve a lot of glyphs such as all of the quotes, I was thinking about selecting the first and then select the last in the group holding the shift just to avoid clicking all ticks of all characters to commit.

Does that make sense?

Thank you for your response.

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That makes a lot sense :wink:

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By the way. Sometimes, when I commit a change and press the commit button, the glyphs doesn’t disappear and it keeps shown in the list. Why does it happen?

Thank you.

Than the glyphs has a difference that is not show in the UI. That is a bug that I need to fix. If you could find the difference in a regular git client.