CommitGlyphs app

I was very glad with the introduction of the new tools last weekend.

I’ve been eager to try CommitGlyphs. I feel the concept is spot on, and I’m sure I’m not the only one missing a git client tailored for type development.

So far I haven’t managed to make it work with the repos I have. But besides that I was wondering about something else. Do CommitGlyphs and MergeGlyphs have to be separate apps? Isn’t their basic concept close enough for them to become a single, powerful, file management app?.

I love the idea of a “Glyphs Suite”, but I’m not sure how benefitial it is when the use of each app is so fine-grained.

In any case, Cheers to the new tools! :clap:

I do believe they ought to be separate apps. Their functionality difference is the same as between VisualDiffer and GitHub App.

About CommitGlyphs: I have also noticed problems with connecting certain GitHub repos. I’ll see if I can clear up some things when I write the manual on the tools page.

Not sure if this makes any difference at all, but just so that you know, over here I’ve tried connecting repos stored on Bitbucket.

I was about to ask if Bitbucket will be supported?

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I don’t have bitbucket repos but I expect to be working fine. The app only deals with the local repo, so you need another client to do the checkouts and syncs.