CommitGlyphs: View commit diffs


for some reason, I completely missed the arrival of CommitGlyphs 2. Wonderful!
I have a question: Is it somehow possible to view changes from specific commits? This would be incredibly useful. So, instead of just viewing local changes compared to remote, I would love to see changes made from a given commit.


Side note:
The text might need a few typo fixes (“an a git client”, “fonds”), as well as a mention of the support for .glyphspackage files.

I’m not sure I’ll manage to add that any time soon.
You can open the same repo in any other git client and it will show the commits and diffs.

Yes, of course, that’s what I currently do. But reading outline changes in code is a lot harder than looking at a visual representation :slight_smile:

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I misunderstood. You mean adding a history view. That would be useful but I’m not sure if I can find time to implement this any time soon.

Yes, exactly. Not sure whether this would still make sense within the scope of “CommitGlyphs”, but viewing changes from commits is an absolutely essential functionality, especially when working on files with other people.

Hope it can make its way into the app at some point, thanks for considering!

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