Compare italic and roman font files and add missing glyphs


I’m working on a font family. A while back, I created a separate font file for the italic version based on the roman file. Since then, I’ve considerably expanded the roman version. Is there a way to compare both files and copy missing glyphs from the roman font file to the italic font file? I know this could be done manually, but some kind of script or hidden feature would be much appreciated


Select All glyphs in roman file. Add List Filter which will prepopulate the filter with selected glyphs. Name and save it. Then in the italic file, you should see the filter, and be able to Ctrl-click the count and generate the missing glyphs.
EDIT: this will create spots for the missing glyphs, but not put copies of the roman glyphs into them, which on rereading I realize is what you might be after. But after doing the above, maybe you could make a new smart filter of empty glyphs in the italic file, then in the roman file use that filter to select the right glyphs, then copy from there and paste into the italic file. There may be an easier way but I think that would work.

Similar to the above but color-based:

First I’d set up color filters for your favorite colors as well as no-color. I use colors a lot so these filters are always handy to have ready. This is what my filters look like:

You could then make a new list filter from all the glyphs in the italic, then in the roman, activate that filter, color all glyphs, then switch to the white filter, which gives you all glyphs missing in the italic (assuming the roman was completely white in the beginning). Then you can copy and paste these glyphs to the italic.

Of course, if there is coloring in your roman that you want to retain, you can work with a temporary de-colored duplicate of your roman.

Thank you @eliason it worked like a charm!

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Thanks for the tip @TimAhrens