Comparing two glyphs

I would like to make script compare two glyphs, if theirs outlines are identical. Let’s say Ohm and Omega.
Is there some a nice way to do this?
Thnx for any ideas

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Iterate through the paths of the layer, and through the nodes, and record the node positions in a list, or nested lists (for each path). Then compare the lists.

That is what I have tried. But with components it is quite of „iterating“.
For example my Ohm contain no path, just component <GSComponent "Omega" x=0.0 y=0.0>

Need to rethink it tomorrow, propably need to colect all paths first and then compare them.

If your Ohm is a component of Omega, then you don’t need to compare it, they are identical. That is what the component is there for.