Compatibility Mode

Hi there- I’m just getting started with masters compatibility and was looking at the tutorial, should I be able to drag this blue line and reassign it to another point? When I try- it disappears. I am able to move green one. Maybe this is a weird case because I’m trying to make them match late in the game… What am I missing?

Your masters aren’t compatible in the first place. You have a different number of nodes in each master, so the outlines cannot interpolate.

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oh thank you- so you can’t reassign until the masters have the same number of nodes? TY- just new to this :wink:

You can only re-assign the first node of a path. In your screenshot, this is correctly done. From the first node on, you count along each node in each master and want it to correspond to the same node in the other master – you do this by keeping the number of nodes identical, so that the (e.g.) fifth node of a path will correspond to the same node in the design of the other master. In your case above, it means that you will either need to take off nodes in your bolder master, or add nodes in your lighter master. Make sure that any node you add corresponds design-wise to the other master. Especially in a design with as many curve segments as yours, adding more nodes will make things messy, I’m afraid. Best to work with as few nodes as possible.

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you so much! It might be dumb of me to try to make these match like this, next typeface I’ll be drawing them at the same time