Compatible. Why the 4?

Dear Glyphs,
Looking to the compatibility, some

glyphs with a circle show a extra number; the 4 in this case. Also the extra ‘copyright’ in the right pannel. What’s wrong?

I’m not sure what’s happening there, but to solve it I would try:

  • go to the master with the extra “shape”
  • hit Cmd-A to select all (might even hit it twice in case the missing thing is an anchor or something)
  • shift double click near each path you have to remove it from the selection (double clicking near path selects the whole path; shift adds/removes it from the selection)
  • hit Delete

@GeorgSeifert How about a feature that, within the Shape Order dialog, we can double click (or contextual menu click) to change the selection in the edit tab to that shape?

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Thank you Eliason. But it does not work. This occurs when copying the circular shapes (by the copyright, published and registered). What helps is to build the problem glyph from scratch. But copying should not cause this problem I think.

Mmm, When removing everything, the numbers in the corner still occur. It’s only whith this kind of glyps.
Schermafbeelding 2023-10-27 om 17.47.35

There are sometimes these empty paths (path data without any nodes). Ideally these things should be automatically avoided on the app’s side; meanwhile it’s easy to clean them using Tidy Up Paths (shift+command+T).

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I had the same thing happen. Try Tidy Up Paths on each layer, and after that try to close the tab you are editing in and open the glyphs in a new tab.

Maybe unrelated, but it has become pretty easy to leave just the off curve points alone (e.g. try deleting ¾ of an oval including all the on-curves, then two off curves remain when I think the whole path should be deleted).

I’ll see what I can do.

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Thax! Problem solved.

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Uhhh … Solved in a rather strange way: Close the file, program and computer. Have a good meal and a good night sleep. Next morning start up the equipment, Glyphs and the file. The problem has disappeared … But it’s still a stange appearance.

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