Complete font in Glyphs

This might be a stupid question but is it possible to design a complete font in Glyphs (e.g. after having all the shapes prepared in Illustrator)?

Besides the super nice interface in Glyphs - what are the main key differences between Glyphs and FontLab in terms of the number of necessary features.

Thanks - Alex

It is possible to design and build a complete font in Glyphs.

  1. use copy past to import shapes (or the script I proposed in the other thread).
  2. set up the font info (names, vertical font metrics …)
  3. clean up the outlines, add all accented letters, set the anchors …
  4. set up kerning classes and do the kerning.
  5. add OpenType features
  6. export OpenType font

How to do the single steps is mostly covered in the Glyphs help and the forum. If you have any specific question, post it here.

What FontLab can do, what Glyphs can’t:

  • TrueType font/hinting
  • a lot more export formats (macT1, PCT1 …)
  • have a tighter control over a lot details

Thanks for the reply! I will try it out and post my feedback here.