Completely ligatures

Hello, I’m trying to achieve something like what was done with the Ligature Symbols font (basically custom ligatures like the whole word “love”) but I haven’t been able to. I tried naming the glyph like suggested in the manual (for example F_r) but while it was recognized as a ligature in the app, it wasn’t shown elsewhere (Font Book, for one).

My objective is to save a logo in a ligature, say Fl&Fr, and use it on a website.

Put a logo into a glyph that has unicode number and on the website just type this glyph

That would be the alternative, yeah, but if it can be done through ligatures it would be amazing since the text/logo would still be read by screen readers and Google, for example.

Ligatures don’t work in most web browsers:

In general don’t try to do anything important with OpenType features unless the intended user is a graphic designer working in Adobe Creative Suite. Outside of DTP software OpenType support is pretty poor.

You’re right, after considering a few other options I went with a simple SVG background with PNG fallback.

They do work if you use the right CSS code.
Play around in using the OT features panel, and grab the recommended CSS that it generates.