Completely locking kerning at once

Hi GA,
I am now working on a project, which I have taken over. I would like to redo the kerning and locking all kerning at once would be a great help.

Is that possible ?

// Fonthausen

I don’t understand. You want to edit the kerning by locking it?

Maybe I made myself not completely clear. But I mean the little locks on the information panel. When making an exception, the lock is open.

The font I am working in now has some irreregularities. And I would like to “lock” the kerning at once.

Do you mean, making all exception as regular values? If that’s the case, what is the best way (at least for you) when there are both and will therefore create conflict?

Then the kerning group’s leading character would be leading.

I think you mean converting glyph kerning into class kernig. You can do that in the kerning window, with the gear button in the lower right and click “Compress”.

That’s true, ‘Compress’ does the job. In case the names are confusing:

Compress brings exception to group values as much as possible, basically to regroup redundant pairs such as AT ÄT ÅT into one.

Clear removes the kernings regarding non-existent glyphs.

And by the way, leading characters (key glyphs in FontLab) do not exist in Glyphs.

No, I didn’t mean class kerning.

I have to get used to the definitions used in GA, but I finally sorted it out by manually deleting the exceptions.

I am working on a font in which a bit of kerning was already done. But there were a lot of unlogical exceptions (lock open). I was hoping there would be a shortcut to “re-instate” the kerning of whole groups.

@Toshe And by the way, leading characters (key glyphs in FontLab) do not exist in Glyphs.

Yeah I got that :slight_smile:

This is what the compress option is there for.