Component auto alignment for numerals

Until 2.2 I think the number components were added next to each other when there were multiple in a glyph, just like letter components do. Now they are laid on top without changing the metrics. What was the reason for the change? Can it go back to the previous behaviour?

Please correct me if I am making conflicting request.

What kind of numbers do you mean. You might need to activate the alignment from the context menu. The biggest change from 2.2 to 2.3 is that (mostly) only letters are aligned by default but now there is an option activate it for all other glyphs, too.

I think that solves it for now. Thanks.

When you turn on automatic alignment on the font level, numerals still need to be toggled manually. What does the option in the font info do? Only change letters?

The font level switch only affects the glyphs that are aligned by default.