Component glyph color in edit info panel at bottom of screen - suggestion

I use a color to color code component groups, the same way you can color code glyph groups with a color in the font panel. Right now, the glyph color in the edit info panel at bottom of screen shows around the glyph name, but when a component is selected within the glyph, the component name and transformations show up, but not the selected color for the component. Showing the color of the component around the glyph name would be useful some times.

When I set a color label in font view, it shows in the info box in the edit view. Or do you mean something else?
Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 20.48.07

When you select a component, the name of the component appears to the right of the m box pictured and in an identical box to the m box shown and it has the component name (but no color). It would be nice if the color selected for the component showed up in that box, just like the m shows in the sample.

PS I have m and stylistic set m.ss01 and component and component.ss01 and it would be nice to see the color of both to make sure they match.

Good idea.