Component only glyphs - Bug?

I think I have found a bug. Try this.

  1. Create a glyph
  2. Create or paste in an outline
  3. Import two components.
  4. Delete the outline, leaving only components.
  5. The components all lose their co-ordinates and spread out across the pasteboard.

Is this a bug? Or am I doing something that isn’t possible. There’s no reason I can’t have a glyph composed solely of components is there?


When there are no outlines, some glyphs snap into auto-alignment.
If you Ctrl-click on the components and select Disable Auto Alignment, you’ll be able to move things around as desired.

If I cntrl- click or right click on the component I don’t see any option for Disable Auto Alignment.

I can Lock Components, but they behave in the same way when I remove any paths from the glyph.

Are you running Glyphs or Glyphs Mini?

Glyphs Version 2.6.1 (1230)

Does making sure the component is selected before right-clicking help?

Here are the two menus I can see when I right-click. This is with the component selected.

This is with the component deselected.


If you have paths in the same layer you cannot autoalign a component.

If no-one can solve this then it may be a bug rather than an intended behaviour. Do any Glyphs staff read this forum?

The components in my glyphs are autoaligned, so if I remove the paths the glyph ‘explodes’ into its parts. The only way I can fixe them is to delete the paths, right click on all of the components and select Disable Auto Alignment, put all the components back in the correct place and paste my paths back in.

Is there a better way to do this? I have 450 glyphs to do this with!

Select all glyphs, and run the mekkablue script Components > Disable Alignment for Selected Glyphs.

Thanks mekkablue, you’re a life saver! I’ll give this a go. I really didn’t fancy going through 450 and doing this manually. Thanks for your help!

Out of curiosity: Why did you have paths and components mixed, and now have to remove the paths?

The font is a geometric display font, with curved corners. The corners are common throughout the font. Initially each character was composed solely of paths, but I noticed that some errors had crept in when punching out some of the counters etc. So I created components for the common features of the font and replaced the paths with the new components. Now most of the glyphs are composed of components, except the sections that are unique to the glyph.

In cases like this you might find corner components useful.

I’m only an occasional Glyphs user, so I often miss out on new features. I need to read up on this I think.

Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile: