Component Overlap

I have been building arrows in circles and I combine components to do so: blackCircle and the appropriate arrow.
When I export the fonts I get overlaps. This only happens for the arrows, not the circled numbers. Any ideas what to check or maybe what tutorial to read? Thanks.


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Check that the path directions are correct?

Yes. Done that.
I believe it might be because its three paths here. Could that be a reason?

yes, it`s path directions
path menu > correct path direction
and you can check this by enable show master compatibility from view menu
it will make it red if the paths in wrong direction and green in right direction

Thanks guys.
But I’ve done all that and it is still like this. I believe it does this because there are three separate paths. The circle. The arrow head. And the arrow tail. I have done a bit of experimenting: I can’t get three paths to behave correctly in any case. Or do you have any ideas?

Curious too if there’s a more proper way to handle this, but maybe one thing you could try is to remove the overlap of the arrow shapes so that it becomes one shape within the circle (so two shapes/paths total in the glyph). Then you could open the corners for possibly better interpolation. Maybe this will be less to work with?

I have just done exactly this. Its fine then since its only two paths.