Component positioning in fractions

I have created fractions with components, and positioned the components. Upon saving, closing, and reopening the file the component positions change wildly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Are you using auto alignment?
  2. Which app version are you using?

Hi mekkablue, Thanks for the response. I’m disabling auto alignment, 2.4.1

I don’t recommend that. If you are disabling auto alignment, the components will inherit the original glyph’s position plus a given offset. So if you move the original glyph, the component in the fraction will move. You can be on the dafe side with proper auto alignment.

You didn’t answer my question in twitter.

@mekkablue Thanks, I guess I’ll decompose, I was hoping I could use components. I feel like I’m missing some critical piece of knowledge about components. I looked at the manual, perhaps I need to look somewhere else.
@GeorgSeifert Sorry, if I missed something – I thought the question was what format. I’m saving as Glyphs format.
Thank you both.

If you would have saved as .ufo, the components would do exactly what you have because it can’t store the manually disabled automatic alignment.

Have you read the tutorial about fractions?

@GeorgSeifert Good to know, thanks.
@mekkablue Yes, but I don’t feel confident from what I gleaned, there are additional intricacies like positioning, that I apparently don’t get.

I’m a form-oriented simpleton, unfortunately lacking in technical acumen.
Thank you both again.

Can you send me the .glyphs file? To support (at) (this website without www), please. I will have a look. And maybe we can schedule for a screensharing session, so you can find out what you are unsure about, and I can find out what I can improve in the wording of the tutorial.

@mekkablue File sent. That’s a generous suggestion. Much thanks.