Component update?

Hi guys,
Is there any way to automatically update components? For example when I switch the main letter with an alternate, all the secondary letters with diacritics keep the old component instead of the new one. I’d like to update them to the main glyph.
Hope that makes sense.

How? With a custom parameter ate export time? Or manually in the UI?

If the latter, it is probably easiest to add to Paste Special (Cmd-Opt-V) the new letter over the other. Or, if you did not do anything strange, you could simply update/rebuild the compounds (Cmd-Opt-Shift-C). Or, you use my script Components > Replace Components.

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The way I do it is by changing the names. Cut and paste the .ss01 from one to the other.

Why you like to do this? When the main letter changes, all the components will pick up the new shape. if you rename the original base letter to .ss01, all the components will keep a reference to it automatically. instead of changing all the components, you could rename all accented glyphs.
But again. Why you are doing it. Maybe use a custom parameter on export? Or copy paste the shapes instead of changing the names of the base glyphs?

The reason is just because I decided to change the style of the main letter with an alternate.

Another reason was that it changed the glyph in all the masters, so I didn’t have to copy/paste it manually everywhere.
The “Replace components” works for fixing it. I guess that’s a good enough solution.