Components and metric

Hi. I build a font with components. there an order of the components (1 ascender 2 body etc)? 2.the non-auro-align seems to doesnt work right: the optical metrics (equal to the visible sidebearings) of my ‘n’ are f.e. 10-n-8 but the mathematical in the infobox is 0-n-(-134). So with no logical reference?! What should be the referenc-points of a letter? I suggest the extreme points on the left/right!? Have you some tips to solve this? i also tried auro-align, non-auto and manualy… also spaceing after decompose… but doesnt work, nothic logical…

I am not sure I get it.

Are you building base letters like n from components? Make sure the component names do not interfere with other glyph names. Take a look at this:

If it’s diacritics you are talking about, take a look at this:

The displayed sidebearing values are calculated from the extremum points.Try Font > Update Metics if it doesn’t.

i have refresh metrics, make auto-align and non-auto-align, decompose, set side bearings of component to 0 value and also the width etc…

no nothing work right…

linked a picture of the problem:
[imgs= ]comp_n_metric[/imgs]

also the decomposed version has this problem, so i cant set my values right manualy now. maybe my glyph.xml is not actual or something. tips? G

can you send me the file?

The xml or the glyphs data? I will do

Deleted “invisible” and “hide” points. Problem fixed. Thx