Components behaving weirdly

Hey there,
I am working on a variable font made out of round Komponents, that can slide from small Circles to big circles. Currently I am trying to fix the negative overlap on my bolder letters, as seen in this Screenshot:

you would think it’s an issue regarding paths, but I corrected all the paths on all layers on all glyphs and all components. They are all going in the right direction.

Then I noticed some of the components behaving as a group inside of one Glyph. if you move the component in the Komponent-Glyph, its moves some of the components in a Lettershape-Glyph.

This I have never seen before; might it be part of the problem with the negative overlap?

Any tips would be very helpful, I am so lost.
Thank you all, Linscha

Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-16 um 12.30.57