Components disappearing from glyph list

I recently made some serif components and they work great for a while. Then, under the “Other” section where they were created, they just disappear, thus taking all the serifs from each glyph it’s applied to, with it. I recreated them a second time thinking I might have accidentally deleted them, but it happened again. Anyone had this issue?

I have no idea what happened there. What version of Glyphs do you have?

Version 2.3 (895)

So each glyph is still referencing the component, but its not there (image below). I can recreate the component with the name and it will fix it (think smart object updating within Adobe products), but still trying to figure out why they keep disappearing.

Can you try the latest beta? Activate “Show cutting edge versions” in preferences.

They didn’t show back up after the update, but I’m going to make new components and hopefully they stay put. Thanks for the help!

Haven’t disappeared yet! I’d say the beta fixed whatever issue was happening. Thanks again for the help Georg!