Components do not align to anchors

I followed the [tutorial Reusing shapes][1], but cannot get the component aligned to anchors. I have a plenty initial and final forms to build, therefore this option is really nice solution, but it seems does not work for me.
As far i have:
component name _outstroke, anchor: _final.A
component name A, anchor: final.A
composed glyph of above named A.fina with nonaligned components.
Any suggestions? Thank you.

Order of the components?
Which app version?

Version 2.3b (856)

By default, only Marks are alined with anchors. You outstroke has no category so you need to force the alignment. right click the component and check “Enable automatic alignment”.

Thank you Georg. It works perfectly now. Would be useful to mention this option in the “Reusing shapes“ tutorial.

I changed the default. Now, glyphs that have no category but have matching anchors are aligned.

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