Components don't work


i have 130 glyphs, but when i choose ‘add component…’ from context menu it shows only 29 — 3 numbers and some punctuation stuff. how can i use components of every other glyph?


I assume that there’s text in the search field that’s also somehow hidden (see the >> at the top left). Try widening the window or selecting the >> to show the search field. I suspect there’s either an o or an r in the search field based on that image.

It’s unclear how the search field could have been hidden, as I can’t seem to make it disappear in the latest beta Glyphs 2.6.2 (1246).

hm, for some reason there’s no search field in there too

This is a layout problem in macOS Mojave with an older versions of Glyphs. Please update to a more recent version.

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