Components Enhancement?

I’m making a symbol font with a couple hundred glyphs made entirely of components. I’ve noticed that when making a component glyph called h_one_h.liga it automatically adds the h 1 h glyphs in as components. However, when I give my separate components non-standard names, such as HumDrum and HamDram, and create a component glyph called HumDrum_HamDram.liga, it won’t automatically add in those components.

Having that option would save a lot of time on my end! Though I have no idea of the feasibility of adding that option on the development end. So, just a suggestion!

You can use this:

On the other hand, the pieces between the underscores are supposed to be meaningful characters that you can type. So what are you trying to do here?

I’m creating a symbol font with a large number of glyphs, about 700, that I’d like to build entirely out of 100 different components. The 700 symbols I’m creating are all non-standard, and don’t need proper names because they’re accessed through glyph substitutions. I carefully position the forms within the components so that when creating a composite symbol glyph by manually placing them, via Shift+Cmd+C, they won’t need any further adjusting.

To save the effort of manually adding in the components, I could theoretically have the “non-meaningful characters” or components, such as “cloud”, “sun”, and “mountain”, and create the composite symbol glyphs “cloud_mountain” and “sun_mountain”. And it would automatically pull those respective components into the composite glyphs. And again, because such non-standard glyphs would be accessed through glyph substitutions anyways, they wouldn’t need to be named with meaningful characters between the underscores.

This way I could create composite symbol glyphs via Shift+Cmd+G, and by simply naming them by the sum of their components

You can use glyph recipes: to setup the components yourself.

I did try the recipes method, but unfortunately writing “cloud+sun=cloud_sun” or even just “cloud_sun” produced empty glyphs that contained none of the already-created components.

I fixed that.