Components in bracket layers bug

Create a bracket layer by copying a layer that has a component and then if you want to move the component you may realize it doesn’t move, because it has Automatic Alignment on. The issue is that you can disable this with the context menu in a normal layer, but it doesn’t seem to be an option when right clicking a component in a bracket layer.

(Workaround: make sure you have the auto alignment off before you hit copy to make the bracket layer.)

I just tried it and it works for me. What version do you have?

Hmm, wish I had noted the glyph that was giving me trouble, because now I can’t reproduce the issue.

Here’s a related issue, not in a bracket layer.

I have generated (Cmd-G) a /tenge with T+strokeshortcomb=tenge. It starts with auto alignment on. If I then decompose just the /T (using contextual menu) before turning auto alignment off, I find that I cannot move the /strokeshortcomb component, and there’s no longer an option in the contextual menu to turn auto alignment off.