Components placement according to existing outlines


I have dozens of decomposed otfs which I need to convert to webfonts. Does anyone know if there is fast way to insert the components at the right position? (For instance a plugin which copies the accented glyphs to the background and places the corresponding components accordingly)


I had a script like that a long time ago. but it was a bit fragile. I would to that manually. Put the hole font in the background, add anchors and then call ‘Glyph > Make component glyph’. Then one of the combined glyph to the edit view and double click the mark. If you select an anchor in the mark, it will show you the outline from the background. That way it is easy to position the anchors to match the old positions.

edit: Rainer just told me that he has a script in his repository that does it. He is updating/fixing it right now.

There is a script in my GitHub repo which does just that. Look for Components > Rebuild components in place. It moves existing outlines to the background, and then places components according to your GlyphInfo database. I just updated it, so it works for 2.3. It works well for diacritics, not so well for stuff like precomposed fractions.

Great, thanks! The script uses only the unicode accents, right? Not uppercase accents like

It will look for what is in the glyph data and probably disregards the suffixes. But you can (a) adapt the scripts to your needs or (b) search and replace components (look for such a script in the same submenu).