Components: preview and alignment problems

I have Glyphs version 3.0.3. Since I recently upgraded Show Stems and Recyclers plugins ('though I’m not making any cause/effect link here), I’m experiencing problems with composite glyphs: (a) composite glyphs no longer display in the preview panel; and (b) automatic alignment does not work for most composites.

Automatic alignment is not disabled; after applying changes in the original glyphs I right-click apply automatic alignment to the composites, but LSB & RSB values in the Glyph Info panel will no longer switch to grey. Let me say I never had these problems before, working on the same files. See screenshot attached.

Can you disable plugins by holding down the Option and Shift key when you start the app. That way we can make sure it is not caused by plugins.

Thanks, Georg. I did, and components now appear in gray and automatic alignment works.
See screenshot:

Can you try to remove some plugins and restart Glyphs. Repeat that with different plugins and repeat until you find the one that is causing the issue.

Apparently, it’s the Show Recyclers plugin that causes the problem. The LSB/RSB values are ok, even though they are not turned to grey.

I guess this problem is relatively new, otherwise there would be a thread here…

Well, actually the problem seems to be another plugin, ShowComponentOrder.

Thanks, I’ll habe a look at this.