Components with language suffix does not appear alongside other glyphs in font panel

I’m creating a typeface with multiple languages. Starting out with three and will keep adding more over time. For each language, I am creating a set of reusable components. I’m adding suffixes to the part names (like -deva, -tamil etc) to the component names as well (eg: _part.kaal_sechalf-tamil). So far so good.

When I select the language on the left panel (say Indic→Tamil) to show all the glyphs for that language in the font view, I don’t see the component glyphs. I only see them when I select ‘all’ (the top most item under Categories).

It’ll be helpful to see all my components for the language I’m working on when I select that language. Is this possible?

Page 77 of the Glyphs manual explains how to do this by creating List Filters.

You can manually set the script of a glyph by selecting them in font view and pressing cmd+opt+I. Then it will appear when you click the main category of the script.

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Thanks. This works perfectly well!

Or you could set up a smart filter for glyphs with name containing -deva.

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