Composite glyph recipes?

Is there somewhere I can see a prioritized list of recipes for each composite glyph? I’m trying to understand why the priority of suffixes like .case and .i differs between different composite glyphs. I’m aware of the Glyph Info window, where it shows only the default recipe.

I often find unexpected components in my composite glyphs. For example, if my font contains acutecomb,, and acutecomb.l, I would expect lacute to be composed of l+acutecomb.l, but instead it generates as

The .i is a special case which is why it does not work with custom suffixes like .l or other glyph names.

See this tutorial on how to instruct Glyphs to use the specific components you want:

The .i suffix is not a special case. Other glyph name suffixes work, like ogonek.e when you want to draw a slightly different mark for eogonek. Even .l usually works, except it doesn’t work if .case is present, which defies logic IMO.

I was hoping to find some documentation on how the rules for composite glyph recipes work, or maybe a plist file if they’re individually defined, as opposed to a rule-based system. It would be nice to be able to modify the recipes to suit my own preferences.