Concerning hintning

Dear All,
Hereby I have some questions concerning hinting/screen optimizing:
A customer needs a font family to work primarily in these sizes on screen: 20 px, 25 px, 30 px, 36 px. (I think by the way the customer thinks point, not pixels).
All screens today, even on different machines like trucks etc., is probably high resolution, so decidedly specialized hints for specific point sizes is probably no longer so important, or?
Can I create auto-hintning for special point sizes? Thanks in advance for helping.

No. No size specific stuff in PS hinting at all. You can do some PPM-specific instructions in TT hinting. Read the TTF Autohint Options entry in the appendix, plus the relevant chapter in the handbook. If you need to manually hint, also read about the newly added Deltas in the blogpost about Glyphs 2.4.

There is also a tutorial about pixel perfection, perhaps it can help you too. But I wouldn’t waste time on size-specific adjustments in the first place. Set up an HTML file with the sizes you need for testing in Windows. Then: hint, export, test, repeat. Try autohinting first.

Which devices are you developing for? Generally, Apple devices will ignore the hinting information you put into your font.

Thanks! Which devices are you developing for? Displays on trucks! PC-based.

you need to know the actuall pixels per em and the rendering engine. Otherwise it is a stab in the dark.

PCs with Windows on it? What version?

I’m waiting for more actual info from the customer … I’ll be back, thank you Georg :wink: